En explained

EN means ‘connection, (family) relationship’ and is written with this character 縁.

We like EN to be a place where people connect. Where people can enjoy a good dinner while seeing the chef at work and are serviced well. We like EN to be a retreat where people take a brake from their daily busy activities and enjoy well balanced dishes and drinks.

There are more Japanese characters that are pronounced EN. All related to what we want to accomplish with our kitchen and sake bar:

  • EN also means a banquet 宴
  • EN also means performance 演
  • EN also means help, support 援
  • EN also means the garden where people enjoy themselves 園

and finally EN also means round as in well rounded, well balanced.

Logo explained

Dutch designer Gertus Wessels signed off for the housestyle : “Designing a house style for a Japanese kitchen and sake bar is a wonderful challenge. Japan not only has an astonishing modern culture in area’s like fashion, architecture, pop culture, design but also a rich ancient culture. Ken and Ryuichi wanted something that would not just be modern but also reflected Japanese culture. I choose to use for the logo the round shape of the stamp (inkan) that is used in Japan as a personal signature for all official documents. The brush is an ode to the art of Japanese calligraphy (shodo). The ink brush can show amazing vigor, speed, balance and elegance.”