Sake & Shochu

Sake, translated as ricewine, is the traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage that’s a great accompaniment to Japanese dishes. The taste of sake blends well with typical Japanese ingredients as soy sauce and raw fish. Sake can be consumed both chilled and warm and has an alcohol content ranging from 5-20%. There are many sake’s with as many tastes depending on the area in which it is produced, the brewing proces, etc. Like wine, sake can be more dry or sweet and sake has distinct flavor notes like spices, herbs and fruits. It might take a bit of time to get used to the subtle taste of sake but once your hooked on it, it is a great accompaniment to an enjoyable meal !

Is a Japanese distilled beverage made of barley, sweet potatoes or buck wheat. It is clear without color and contains appr. 25% of alcohol. It is therefore stronger than wine or sake but less strong than whiskey, vodka or the Dutch jenever. The taste is rather pure and can be a bit ‘earthy’ or ‘nutty’. Because of the purity it goes well with Japanese dishes and can also be enjoyed as a long drink.