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Our dishes consist of the following categories:

Sushi & sashimibut then by EN
If you want a special arrangement for a special occasion or event please call to discuss your wishes.

Special 3 course menu – changing regularly
Our very popular 3 course menu consists of daily fresh sashimi as starter, a nice main course and a small desert.

The main dish can be enjoyed directly without having to warm things up etc.
Convenient & hassle free.

Don-buri – ultimate comfort food
The don-buri are rice dishes, lavishly topped of with delicacies like tempura or Iberico loin or salmon sashimi and salmon roe.
Satisfying comfort.

Side menu
Here you find small sides to go along with your other dishes.

Sakeultimate companion for sushi & sashimi
We offer a selection of our sake’s for sale with a 20% discount to the restaurant price.